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Currently I’m in my last year of a Master’s in Classical Performance at MSM. I have a host of professional orchestra auditions coming up next semester, and have also begun singing/songwriting/playing harmonica and guitar. I’ve been playing here and there around the city and am going to be making a record of that stuff in the coming months. Play jazz with friends/at school/on gigs as much as I can too!

Alumni: Student Life
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Tim Rachbach is currently residing in Los Angeles and is working full time as a jazz drummer, educator, and self-recording artist.  He plays two weekly gigs - one in fullerton and another in Silver Lake.  He teaches in Irvine on Saturdays at an extra-curricular arts school and teaches private lessons at students' homes.  Tim Is currently finishing up his second album of all originals titled "Kindred Spirits" which is set for release early next year.  He plays drums, guitar, bass, and sings on the record along with special guest soloists.


Douglas Riedeman

I graduated in 2017 from THS after having been with TJI for 2 years & attending Essentially Ellington twice. After I graduated high school I got into real estate investing and started as an apprentice doing cold calls for multi-family property sellers. I have been an apprentice under real estate broker and investor Mike Figueroa for over a year now, learning things such as tax law, real estate acquisition, asset protection and different types of litigation. I am currently working on getting different professional licenses such as a real estate license, loan officer's license, legal doc prep & possibly a securities license. I have continued playing jazz trombone and have picked up the trumpet as well, playing in local jam sessions.

Alumni: Student Life
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Ben Stowers

"I've been back in New York since January of this year and have been working for the last number of months at a law firm here in town that helps to write visa petitions for foreign artists coming to the United States for tours. I play frequently, though it's more often in the form of getting together at various apartments than it is gigs given the presence of the job." Ben graduated from The New School in NYC in 2020 with a BA in Jazz/Jazz Studies.

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